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The eruv is currently up

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Circumstances may dictate slight alterations to our route over time. We will make every effort to inform those subscribed to our email list of any substantive changes.

Guidelines for walking within the Eruv

Examples of what is permissible to be carried within an Eruv:

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Diaper bags
  • Food and drink
  • Reading glasses
  • Strollers
  • Tallit

What is not permissible to be carried: Anything that is muktzah (something whose use is prohibited on Shabbat), such as an umbrella. Always consult your local rabbi when in doubt.

Caution must be used when near the perimeter of the Eruv as the route may go back and forth across the street following the utility poles. We advise against carrying on the following roads without prior discussion with an Eruv representative about how to avoid crossing the boundary:

  • Americana Park
  • Braddock Road
  • Colony Road
  • Gallows Road
  • Heritage Lane
  • Lee Highway
  • Main Street between Tedrich Boulevard and Roberts Road
  • Morningside Drive 
  • Old Post Road
  • Old Lee Highway
  • Prosperity Avenue
  • Roberts Road
  • Tedrich Boulevard between Hunter Street and Daniels Run Park
  • Woodburn Road

Hospital extension of the eruv includes Inova Fairfax Hospital and the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute.

The hospital extension of the eruv includes the entirety of both campuses, and is shown on the map, shaded purple. Note: the extension does not include Inova's Center for Personalized Health on the east side of Gallows Road.

If the eruv status banner or weekly email/text alerts states: the eruv is “partially up”, or the “main eruv is up but the hospital eruv extension is down”, do not carry north across Woodburn Road, into the hospital and NVMHI campuses.

Caution! The route from the main part of the eruv to the hospital passes near to the eruv boundary. While Woodburn Road is the common route for drivers, parts of it are neither safe for pedestrians nor covered by the eruv. Walking, let alone carrying on Shabbat, should proceed through the Camelot/Winterset neighborhoods. Please print a copy of these instructions so that you will have access to them in advance of Shabbat. Click here for a PDF version of these instructions and map.

The only viable route across Accotink Creek is to use King Arthur Blvd, which proceeds north from its beginning at Little River Turnpike. From King Arthur there are two options:

1) King Arthur Blvd turns into Holly Rd at the northern end of the neighborhood and continues northward. When the office complex appears on the left, turn to walk in its parking lot counter clockwise around the building. (Do not proceed on the sidewalk all the way to the intersection with Luttrell Rd, which lies just outside the eruv.) Follow the parking lot around and proceed down the hill through the connected lots so that you are parallel to Woodburn Rd. Proceed to the sidewalk at the last parking lot exit onto Woodburn Rd and turn left to go to the crosswalk at the traffic light. Cross Woodburn and walk along Wellness Blvd to get towards your destination. The Inova buildings are all interconnected - do not use the sidewalk along Gallows Rd.

2) From King Arthur Blvd turn left on Saxony Dr. At its termination turn right on Guinevere Dr. It will end in the Camelot Elementary School parking lot. Turn left into the lot and a pedestrian trail will start up on the north side leading to Bannerwood Dr. At the end of Bannerwood Dr the sidewalk will continue north, and will connect with Woodburn Rd. Cross Woodburn at the traffic light and the cross walk and proceed along Wellness Boulevard to get towards your destination. The Inova buildings are all interconnected - do not use the sidewalk along Gallows Rd.

For a fully interactive version using Google Maps click here.

To see if a particular location is located within the Eruv, click on the search icon within Google Maps and enter in the address.

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Recommended INOVA hospital walking routes

Hospial Walking Map

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